About the Clean Planet Program

Our Clean Planet Program reflects Konica Minolta’s commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the Earth’s natural resources. With this program, we provide a simple and reliable solution for the protection of natural resources and the reduction of waste to support our customers in achieving their own sustainability goals.

The Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program …

… covers the return and recycling of Konica Minolta authorised consumables. Not only toners can be returned but also photoconductor drums, developers, imaging units and further consumables obtained through Konica Minolta. Only consumables classified as hazardous such as certain UV-ink-based consumables may not be returned.

… complies with the user’s obligation to treat electronic waste specifically (i.e. WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and not throw it into the residual waste (most of Konica Minolta toners and other consumables contain some electronic components).

… provides the highest quality of recycling available – ensuring material reutilisation in the interest of protecting natural resources and avoiding / reducing waste.

… is committed to a no-waste-to-landfill policy; nor does our recycling process allow any incineration of used consumables or parts thereof. Only a very small proportion of material cannot be recycled into secondary raw material. Instead, it is used for energy recovery. Further information on the recycling process and results can be found under the tab “Recycling”.

… offers you easy return options for your used consumables via an automated ordering process on the Clean Planet Program portal. At no time do you need to make additional phone calls or write emails.

… provides the option to save various addresses for delivery and pick-up of boxes and select a preferred date for pick-ups to customise the service to your needs.

… shows your order history for complete transparency of all your activities.

… provides you with a reliable and convenient option to achieve your company’s own sustainability goals in the area of waste reduction and resource protection and create a responsible business environment for staff, customers and partners.

… gives you proof of your company’s sustainability engagement: Konica Minolta will issue your individual Clean Planet Program participation certificate, which you can display to your customers, partners and stakeholders.

How does it work?

  1. If you are not yet a registered user of the Clean Planet Program, please complete the Registration Form in order to register your participation and obtain your personal access data to the Clean Planet Program portal. If your company is not yet licensed to use the Clean Planet Program, please contact your Konica Minolta account manager.
  2. Once you have received your access data, log on to the protected portal where you can order a minimum of three empty collection boxes in a size that suits your needs.
  3. Please only place your used toner cartridges or bottles and other used consumables obtained through Konica Minolta into the collection box.
  4. When your collection box is full, log on to the Clean Planet Program portal to schedule the on-site pick-up service for your box(es) for a day that suits you. If your company qualifies for the single unit return service, you can alternatively take the single-unit box to a drop-off location near you.

Eco Vision 2050

The Clean Planet Program contributes to Eco Vision 2050 – Konica Minolta’s long-term plan towards a sustainable future. Eco Vision 2050 consists of three major goals: to reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle by 80 percent until 2050, based on 2005 levels; to promote recycling and the effective use of the Earth’s limited resources; and to work for the further restoration and preservation of biodiversity.