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Clean Planet Program Support Form

Account and Communication
  • How do I register for this service?
    For the initial registration with the Clean Planet Program, please go to the start page and  follow the link 'Do you want to to register?'
  • What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
    If you have forgotten your password, please click on 'Forgot password?'
  • Why am I not able to select an address when I try to place an order?
    Initially you need to add at least one address to the company account: Please visit the tab "Account & Customer Data" and select "Add Address": Here you are asked to enter the particular location(s) participating in the service. This address list will be shown next time you place an order. Note that further addresses can be added any time.
  • Which personal data are required to participate in the program, and what for?
    In order to provide the Clean Planet Program services, we require some data from you, which will be stored in the portal. For instance, we need your company address to deliver collection boxes to you and pick up full collection boxes from that location. We also need your email address to send you details regarding your orders. Further details on what data we need and how we handle them, can be found in our Data Protection Statement.
  • How can I change my contact details?
    You can administrate your stored addresses yourself. In case you want to make further changes, please use our Clean Planet Program Support Form.
  • Can I transfer my account to a colleague?
    If you have an account with us, your company already participates in the Clean Planet Program. However, your colleague still has to register in order to receive an own account and password. This can be requested on the start page via the link 'Do you want to register?'.
  • Can several employees register for one company and then place orders independently?
    Yes, that's possible. However, please note that each employee has to register independently in order to receive own access data.
  • Whom should I contact if I don't find an answer to my questions here, or if I encounter any problems?
    For any other questions or enquiries, please use our Clean Planet Program Support Form.


  • What is the Clean Planet Program?
    The Clean Planet Program is Konica Minolta's program for the return and high-class recycling of Konica Minolta printing consumables, such as toner bottles, toner cartridges or drums.
  • Who can participate in the Clean Planet Program?
    Customers authorized for the Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program are those, who have been granted access by their respective Konica Minolta representation to the Clean Planet Program services and the online portal where these services can be ordered.
    Konica Minolta customers wanting to participate in the Clean Planet Program should contact their local Konica Minolta representation for information on the terms and conditions of the Clean Planet Program.
    For details on the countries in which the Clean Planet Program is offered, please refer to the question 'In which countries is the Clean Planet Program available?'
    We are working on making this service available to all our customers throughout Europe.
  • What are the advantages if I participate in the Clean Planet Program?
    The Clean Planet Program stands for the simple and convenient return of your used Konica Minolta consumables as well as their high-class and environmentally sound recycling. You can manage all processes via our online portal, i.e. order new collection boxes; arrange for the pick-up of full boxes on a day of your choice; or view your order history including the weight of the consumables that you have already returned to be recycled. For your participation in the Clean Planet Program, you will also receive by email a personalised certificate of participation issued to your company. This enables you to communicate your commitment to protecting the environment to your stakeholders.
  • Which used consumables can be returned under the Clean Planet Program? What can I put into the collection box?
    Consumables, which may be returned through the Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program for the purpose of recycling, are end-of-life consumables (waste consumables) from Office Printing devices and Production Printing devices, which are serviced by Konica Minolta.
    These are the different consumables product groups that you can return under the Clean Planet Program: toner bottles, toner cartridges, drum unit, waste toner box, fusing unit, imaging units, developing unit, developer.
    There is no limitation to specific printing consumables; however, consumables classified as hazardous materials are excempt from return and recycling. For details on which consumables may not be returned via the Clean Planet Program, please refer to the question 'Which used consumables may not be returned under the Clean Planet Program?'
  • Which used consumables may not be returned under the Clean Planet Program? Which components are not permitted in the collection box?
    Consumables are excluded from the scope of the Konica Minolta Clean Planet Program, if they are classified according to GHS / CLP (Globally Harmonized System of Classification, Labelling and Packaging of Chemicals / CLP Regulation (EC) No. 1272 / 2008 on the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures). Whether consumables are classified according to GHS/CLP, is obvious from the respective Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). One example for consumables that may not be returned via the Clean Planet Program are certain UV-ink-based consumables.
  • Does Konica Minolta also accept the return of consumables from other manufacturers?
    Konica Minolta only accepts the return of printing consumables from devices under contract with or purchased from Konica Minolta. In case we detect a misuse of the Clean Planet Program, we reserve the right to invoice any costs incurred or to exclude specific customers from this service. Please also refer to our Terms and Conditions.
  • In which countries is the Clean Planet Program available?
    We currently offer the Clean Planet program in several European countries (Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Finland, Denmark and Sweden). We are constantly working on the introduction of this service in additional countries.
  • What solutions does Konica Minolta offer for countries where the Clean Planet Program is not yet available?
    Please contact your local Konica Minolta representative, who will provide information on the local procedure.
  • What costs do occur in connection with participating in the Clean Planet Program?
    Please contact your local Konica Minolta representative on this matter. 
  • Can I use the Clean Planet Program to return new resp. unused consumables, or to make a claim under the warranty for my Konica Minolta consumables?
    No, the Clean Planet Program is not suited to these two applications. Please contact your local Konica Minolta representative with regard to this.
  • How should the consumables be wrapped and put into the collection boxes?
    Please start by placing the included plastic bag into the box; then insert the actual printing consumables into the plastic bag. Please pack all consumables in the box closely and without any further packaging. Make sure that toner bottles and cartridges are quite empty. For maximum environmental protection as part of the Clean Planet Program, please continue collecting until the box is completely full. Then, order a pick-up for one or more boxes – however, make sure that the max. permissible weight of 30 kg per box is not exceeded. Before finally closing the box, please close the plastic bag securely and place the printed return note on top. Now, place the box(es) at ground level for pick-up. The following info only applies to Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Finland: in addition, the collection label must be printed out and attached to the box, and if you order a pick-up for more than one box, an Annex VII document must also be attached to the boxes. These will be sent to you by mail.
    Important hints on how to collect used printing consumables in the Clean Planet Program Boxes are also printed directly on the boxes.
  • What box types are there, and which type is best for me?
    You can order four different box sizes under the Clean Planet Programs. These offered boxes are depending on the country:
    The small box has a size of 60 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm.
    The large box has a size of 60 cm * 40 cm * 60 cm.
    The large box has a size of 60 cm * 50 cm * 76 cm.
    The pallet box  has a size of 80 cm * 120 cm * 90 cm. Be aware that a pallet is needed.
    In some countries, large companies are offered the possibility to bundle eight of the large boxes on a euro-pallet (80 cm * 120 cm) of their own and have this picked up.
    Please note that not all options are offered in all countries.
    Depending on the size of your company and the organisation of the Clean Planet Program in your country, you can choose among the above mentioned options. Please refer to the following guide to decide which box type is best suited to your requirements:
    If you use more than 20 consumables per year, please order our large boxes (60 cm * 40 cm * 60 cm).
    If you use 5 to 20 consumables per year, please order our small boxes (60 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm).
    If you use less than 5 consumables per year, you can opt for our single unit return service and drop off boxes individually at a drop-off location near you; or you order our small boxes (60 cm * 40 cm * 30 cm) and collect for a longer period before requesting a pick-up.
  • Why can I only see a single/a few box types in my selection?
    Not all options of this service are offered in all countries. In addition to this, Konica Minolta reserves the right to make a preselection based on the size of the participating company.
  • Can I also use my own boxes?
    Please only return those Clean Planet Program boxes that you can order on this web portal. Solely if you are returning a single printing consumable, you should use the packaging (outer box) of your new Konica Minolta consumable. Also in this case, please put the used consumable into the plastic bag of the new consumable to avoid soiling of the carton with toner dust possibly remaining in the used cartridge.
  • How should I apply the Clean Planet Program to ensure the least impact on the environment?
    Please help us to make the Clean Planet Program as environmentally sound as possible by stacking used consumables as closely as possible in the collection boxes so these can be completely filled. If in addition to this, you arrange the pick-up of several boxes at once, you also ensure a further reduction of the transport emissions.
  • How do I order empty boxes, and how long will it take until they are delivered?
    You can order empty boxes here on the Clean Planet Program portal under 'Order empty boxes'. These will be delivered to your specified location within five working days.
  • How can I arrange for full collection boxes to be picked up?
    You can arrange the pick-up of one or more full collection boxes here on the Clean Planet Program portal under 'Arrange box collection'. You can order a pick-up between 5 and 14 working days in advance.
  • What is the max. permissible weight for a full collection box when it is picked up?
    When it is picked up, the Clean Planet Program collection box may weigh max. 30 kg.
  • Who will pick up the collection boxes for which I have arranged a pick-up?
    In different countries, we are working with various parcel service providers and shipping companies. After you have ordered a pick-up, these will get into contact with you or send a confirmation of your requested date.
  • Do I have to be present for the delivery and pick-up of collection boxes?
    When you order a box delivery or pick-up, you can specify a contact person in the address details. This person should be present to accept the delivery or provide access for the pick-up. In any case, please ensure that the contact person is informed and that the boxes are available for pick-up at ground level to give the shipper easy access to the boxes.
  • Can I arrange for a pick-up of more than one box at a time?
    You can order a pick-up for a single or for several boxes. It is however important that you specify the correct number of boxes to be picked up when you complete the pick-up order.
  • When do I have to print a label?
    In the Netherlands, Italy, Norway and Belgium, a print label does not have to be printed. If you participate from another country, a print label will be sent to you by e-mail, which must be printed and attached to the box(es).
  • How do I obtain my certificate of participation?
    You will automatically receive your individualised certificate of participation once you have returned your first used printing consumables via the Clean Planet Program.
  • Can I save and administrate several addresses or locations?
    Yes, the address feature lets you save and administrate up to 100 addresses for your company.
  • Will I receive an email confirmation after submitting an order?
    As soon as you have sent an order via the portal, you will receive an email confirmation. In addition to this, you can monitor all your orders via the Order Tracking function.
  • Can I also cancel an order after placing it?
    You can cancel pick-ups up to two days before the requested date, not counting weekends. This cancellation you can enter directly in your review of orders in the Order tracking.If there are less than 48 hours left until the arranged pick-up date, please enter your cancellation request into our contact form.
    Orders for the delivery of new collection boxes cannot be cancelled.
  • Can I view completed orders and track my status?
    In your review of orders in the Order tracking, you can see all your completed and open orders.
Environmental responsibility
  • Does Konica Minolta have an environmental policiy?
    Yes, we do have an environmental policy. Feel free to take a look at it at https://www.konicaminolta.eu.
  • In which way does Konica Minolta support acting responsibly towards the environment?
    With its longterm strategy Eco Vision 2050, Konica Minolta pursues three primary objectives for environmental protection:
    1. Reduce CO2 emissions throughout the product lifecycle by 80% by 2050, compared to fiscal 2005 levels.
    2. Promote recycling and the effective use of Earth’s limited resources.
    3. Work to promote restoration and the preservation of biodiversity.
    Our own actions are focused on these three objectives; similarly, we strive to support our customers in pursuing these. Since the beginning of 2018 for instance, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe GmbH has been certified as a climate-neutral company. Similarly, we offer our customers the service of 'Climate-neutral printing' [Hyperlink: https://www.konicaminolta.eu/eu-en/services/enabling-carbon-neutrality].
    The Clean Planet Program is geared to the second objective of our Eco Vision 2050 and primarily serves the protection of natural resources as well as waste reduction.
  • Why does Konica Minolta offer its customers the Clean Planet Program?
    It is important for us to contribute to the protection of natural resources and waste reduction, and to also support our customers in doing this.
  • Is there a legal background with regard to the Clean Planet Program?
    Most of our printing consumables contain electronic components and therefore fall under national legislation that govern electronic scrap and are based on the European WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive 2012/19/EU. This is why these printing consumables may not be disposed of in the general waste but, as electronic scrap, have to be turned over to a suitable recycling facility.
    Konica Minolta's Clean Planet Program exceeds the regulatory requirements concerning the recycling of printing consumables. With the Clean Planet Program, we offer a sophisticated recycling solution that provides absolute reliability with regard to the separate treatment of electronic scrap as well as the processing of toner dust.
  • What happens with the returned consumables?
    We deliver all returned printing consumables into a state-of-the-art recycling process that specialises in consumables from the imaging industry. For more details on our recycling, follow this link.